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Who is a Biker Bunny?

Biker: Someone who rides a motorcycle, bike, or motorbike as a hobby or in competition

Bunny:  An alluring woman, often engaged in a sport or activity


Nothing is more alluring than a confident woman on a bike with the attitude to back it up:  that is a Biker Bunny.  Whether you ride your own bike or on the back of another's, we celebrate women bikers!  


Be free, be confident, be a Biker Bunny....How Do You Ride?


The purpose of Biker Bunny clothing is to offer a variety of pieces that represent the myriad of Biker Bunny personalities that are out there.  If you are conservative, edgy, artsy, modern, sexy, or a veteran, we have something for you!  Select your style, or branch out into a different vogue...we all should support our fellow women bikers, no matter the age gap or lifestyles we pursue!  Choose whatever clothing makes you feel like the confident woman you are, and that you are proud to be a Biker Bunny.  If you don't see something that appeals to you, please revisit our website as we continue to add pieces of varying styles.  You may also leave us feedback via e-mail, because we strive to provide clothing that reflects all of you!  Can't wait to see you out on the road, ladies!  Oh, and flash that bunny wave to your fellow Biker Bunnies on the road to show your support.



Charity:  Charity and charity rides are very near and dear to our heart.  If you are planning a charity ride, tell us about it.  We will partner with you to publicize and help bring as much recognition and financial aid to your benefactor.

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